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Buying Pre-Owned Acura Smartly

Being a customer in this difficult economic condition should be smart because a smart attitude enables you to get the best values of your purchase. As you surely have known, this difficult economic condition has impacted the price of most commodities in which the price of most commodities become much more expensive. In such situation, if you become a smart customer, you will be able to feel fully satisfied even though the price of a product that you buy is expensive. As in your attempt to buy a pre-owned Acura, you should force yourself to be a smart buyer otherwise you might become disappointed with your purchase.

To become a smart buyer of a pre owned vehicle, you have to buy your desired pre-owned vehicle from the right dealership. It is true that you have options of dealership because there is more than one dealership offering pre-owned acura. However, if you want to buy a pre-owned acura smartly, you have to choose a dealership carefully. For this purpose, you actually just need to contact Herb Connolly Acura because this dealership is one of the best Acura dealership. There are surely many dealerships out there but since only the best dealership that has the capabilities to provide unmatched services, you surely must manage to buy a pre-owned vehicle from the best dealership.

Basically, the reason why buying a vehicle from the best dealership is highly recommended is because the best dealership has huge vehicle inventories, has excellent after sale services, offers competitive price, and has high quality customer support. As you surely have known, these four factors have significant influences to your personal satisfaction. If you can get your desired pre owned vehicle at the best price from and at the same time can receive excellent services, you will surely be able to get the best values of your purchase.

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Acura RDX – With More Power and Performance

The Acura RDX is the first compact crossover sport utility vehicle from Acura. Generally speaking, this model was previewed as a concept car and the production model of RDX was shown at the 2006 New York Auto Show, which hit the showrooms on 11th of August, 2006.

So as to handle car’s advanced all wheel drive system, the RDX uses a unique platform for its production and it overtakes the MDX as Acura’s entry level crossover sport utility vehicle. The direct competitors to the vehicle include Mazda CX-7, BMW X3 and Infiniti EX.

The compact crossover sport utility vehicle is a five door body style vehicle powered by a 2.3 liter K23 A1 turbo I-4 engine and the engine is mated to a standard five-speed automatic transmission. The SUV car is offered in four wheel drive. The compact car is related to the Honda Element, Honda Civic and Honda CR-V. As far as the dimensions of the car are concerned, it has the wheel base of 104.3 inches. The length, width and the height of the SUV are 180.7 inches, 73.6 inches and 65.2 inches respectively. The curb weight of the car is around 1800 kilo grams.

Looking at the positive side of the car, with the all wheel drive system provided it has good road handling capability and also provides comfort to the passengers in both the front and rear seats. On the negative side of the SUV, the interior materials do not look up to the standards, not enough cargo space, rear seats does not adjust, minimal towing capacity, harsh ride quality and the steering wheel does not give a good feel. Read the rest of this entry »

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