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Air Gage Measurement Device

Measuring something inside something is not easy, including measuring blind bores. You need specific equipment to help you measure the bores. The equipment you need is air gage. It is pneumatic instrument to inspect bores using pressurized air so you don’t need direct contact to measure.

Various Air gages are available in the market. The most common air gage is air plug gage. It is use to measure cylinder diameter, bore cylindricity, and roundness of the cylinder through bores and blind bores without contact. Dimensionair air gage is the most convenient, accurate, and unique for fast job. If you need something you can carry all around, portable type of air gage is available. You can choose micro-dimensionair air gage for best portability. Universal dimensionair air gage is combination of single master gaging system for best performance in simplicity and economical and dual master gaging system tooling.

After you find the right air gage for you, you may add more function to your air gage using optional accessories. Handles, extensions, air rings, and manifolds are available for your satisfaction. However, not every store provides you with complete accessories. If you want to buy air gage, you had better ask for accessories availability.

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