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Ferrari Enzo

Constructed in two thousand and two, the Ferrari Enzo was built as a celebration of Ferraris first World Championship of the Millennium. The car is referred to as the “Enzo Ferrari”, “Ferrari Enzo”, or just the “Enzo”. The Enzo Ferrari is named after the founder of the business, Enzo Ferrari, race driver and entrepreneur who first created the Scuderia Ferrari racing team and then the Ferrari car manufacture.

Being one of the most powerful and fastest naturally aspirated (NA) cars, the Enzo sports many features found in Formula One cars. Interestingly, the McLaren F1 still remains the fastest naturally aspirated car despite being produced a decade before the Enzo. The Enzo makes use of many F1 technologies, such as sequential shift transmission and a body composed of light yet strong carbon fibre. Equipped with traction control and dynamic rear wing, the car also has features to improve the cars performance which are not allowed in Formula One. The Enzo was produced between two thousand and two and two thousand and four, with a total of four hundred units produced within the two years. Many Enzos trade for close to one million British pounds now.

The initial units produced were sold before the actual production even began. Ferrari sent letters to its existing customers who had purchased the F40 or F50, and three hundred and forty nine cars were sold in this effective manner. Additional cars were then produced due to the demand, bringing the total number of units to three hundred and ninety nine. The four hundredth Enzo was produced and then auctioned at the world renown Sotheby’s auction house, selling for nine hundred and fifty thousand Euros, a sun which was presented to the Pope to aid the Tsunami survivors of two thousand and four. The money was presented by the legendary Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher.

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Ferrari 360

Ferrari 360 is a two-seater sports car that was manufactured by Ferrari from the year 1999 till 2005. This mid-sized mid-engine car replaced the then Ferrari F355. An entirely new all-aluminum space frame chassis was built for the Ferrari 360 after it united with Alcoa (Aluminum Company of America). This gave a new look increasing the rigidity by 40% and decreasing the body weight by 28%.

The engine that was used in Ferrari 360 is the new V8 engine which was much more powerful than that used for the previous Ferrari F355. The added stiffness to Ferrari 360 improved the performance where the acceleration from 0 to 100 mph was improved from 4.6 to almost 4.4 seconds. The technology used in this engine was soon followed by the other cars that were released later. F430 used the similar V8 engine that was produced later replacing the Ferrari 360.

Based on the design of Ferrari 360, few other models were released that were the different versions of this car model. 360 Modena is one of the first models that were released at par with Ferrari 360. It is a luxury sports-coupe that consisted of a fixed-roof two door and came along with 6-speed manual transmission. Later, a convertible alternative if the Modena was released which was called the 360 Spider. Challenge Stradale is another road model of Ferrari 360 that was released inspired by the design and technology of the 360 Modena and Spider. These three car models mentioned here were the three road models that were released of Ferrari 360.Few of the factory race car models were also released based on technology used in Ferrari 360. 360 Challenge, 360 GT and 360 GT-C were three factory model cars of the 360.

Almost all of the road models contained similar specifications and layout. For example, the same V8 engine was used with the same number of cylinders in all the models. The power and torque produced remained the same in Modena and Spider but slightly varied when it came to the Challenge Stradale. Read the rest of this entry »

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