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Calibrate Measurement Tools Using Gage Blocks

As we know gage blocks are used as one of measurement standard tools. They are used to calibrate various measurement equipments that are used in production line or everything like micrometers, calipers, sine bars and many others. From a long time, this gage blocks is already used in production line or machinery shop to maintain in precision.

This block is invented in 1896 in Sweden. This block is made from metal or ceramic with tow flat ground that face each other. How to use this block is by wring it together to form the required dimension using the stack.  The measurement must also do in specified temperature since the Gage blocks are claimed to be accurate in temperature 20 °C. This is to avoid the effect of thermal expansion that might happen. The basic principle is the dimension can be reach by using few block; it indicates that the error is very minimal.

On company that provides stocks of this measurement tools is this Mitutoyo. They provide various gage blocks set for measurement tool calibration. To option is wide from Rectangular gage block set, square gage block set or any individual rectangular/square gage block. Just visit the website for further information on interesting offer that might be available for you.

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