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The Jaguar C Type

Jaguar has been setting impressive benchmarks in the design and creation of some of the most beautiful and powerful sports cars in history. It was founded in 1922 as a manufacturer of motorcycle sidecars – hence, the name, Swallow Sidecar Company – and then transformed throughout the decades into becoming one of Britain’s most prominent luxury carmakers today. Anywhere in the world, a Jaguar for sale attracts the utmost attention from many car enthusiasts as well as anyone looking to own a high-performing automobile.

One of the brand’s most notable creations was the Jaguar C-Type. Only 52 units of it were made throughout the duration of its production between 1951 to 1953. With its make having been based on that of the Jaguar XK120, the C-Type is also referred to as the XK120-C. The XK120 was the first in Jaguar’s line of post-war sports cars. It was also the top production car in 1948 and became the most sought-after brand of convertibles in that era. Manufacturing of this model ceased in 1954.

The C-Type engine was designed to produce up to over 200 bhp, a huge improvement over its predecessor’s performance set at just 180 bhp. C-Types are known for the use of lightweight frames, Weber carburetors, and aluminum bodies that sported the best aerodynamic technology at the time. They were also twice as expensive as the XK120, with each car being sold at around $6,000 in the early 50′s.

Prestige for the C-Type was heavily influenced by its superb showing in motorsports. It won its maiden race for Le Mans in 1951 while another XK120 placed 11th. The following year appeared promising but modifications to the car’s aerodynamics resulted to other problems with the car. No C-Type finished that year due to overheating and disastrous mechanical failure. 1953 proved to be a much better year for Jaguar. They did not only win the race but set a speed record that surpassed all others in the history of Le Mans. The following year, the C-Type placed fourth, ending its stint in racing with much accolade. Succeeding races until 1957 utilized the Jaguar D-Type. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jaguar X Type

The people who are conscious of their social rankings and like to reflect the same through their life styles and the accessories use the Jaguar models to express their style statement to the rest of the world. The Jaguar cars are known in the world for the power they possess and the speediness which they emit. The various models of the Jaguar cars are being used by the people all over the world, who revere this brand for its clean technologies, sleek looks, durability and the maximum performance.

It was early in the millennium somewhere in the year 2002, when Jaguar introduced its X type model. This first all-wheel car drive has features like optimum level of handling and braking performance, which maximize the safety of the passengers. Not only does this model have sleek features and the looks but also has a plush interior to give it a royal look. The internal car space has finished chrome, leather and wood touches that give it an elegant appeal.

Even the functionality features are improvised to offer maximum benefits to the passengers like power door mirrors,headlamps and smart wipers etc. However, due to the factors the lead to the deterioration of the cars the drivers and the owners of the Jaguar X type will need to replace or reinstall the Jaguar car parts and their accessories. However, those who own the Jaguar car models, in general do not opt for the cheaper car accessories or the parts.

Thus, these individuals can always buy the types of the car parts of the accessories that they are looking for from the authentic dealers of the Jaguar Company. These dealers and the suppliers for the Jaguar models are certified by the company and have their networks and the offices in the different countries and the cities of the world. There are many advantages to buying the car parts and the accessories from the genuine and certified Jaguar dealers.

One of the most important one is that when buying from these dealers the buyers can get the warranted and genuine products for their cars and be saved from being cheated into buying the fake accessories for their cars. Not only this, but the individuals, who do not know what to buy to improve the condition of their cars, can trust these dealers into selecting the best option according the requirement of the cars and their budgets, without compromising on the quality. However, if one cannot visit these offices or the showrooms due to certain reasons they can buy the Jaguar X type car accessories and their parts making use of their websites. Read the rest of this entry »

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