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The World’s Fastest Sports Car

Many things go into making a car a sports car, but chief among the factors that separate standard autos from sports cars is speed. Speed is not the sole measurement by which a sports car can or should be judged, but great acceleration and top end speed are factors that are always considered by sports car enthusiasts. While there are cars that can reach 60 mph quicker, the overall fastest production sports car in the world is the McLaren F1.

The McLaren holds all known records for speed among publicly available, street legal sports cars. Its 6.1liter V12 engine (which was designed by BMW) provides an awesome 627 bhp. To put that number in perspective, 627 bhp is more than double the power output of the engine found in one of the world’s most famous sports cars, the Astin Martin DB5.

Various sources have tested the McLaren F1. All have been able to push the vehicle to speeds in excess of 230 miles per hour. Some have reached speeds over 240 miles per hour in the F1.

The world’s fastest sports car is quick off the line, too. It can go from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in only 3.1 seconds, an amazing clip. It took only slightly more than 6 seconds for the car to achieve 100 mile per hour rates from a dead stop. The McLaren F1′s body was constructed from carbon fibers; an automotive innovation and it boasted gull-wings similar to the Lamborghini Countach and Delorean DMC12.

The F1 was originally offered in 1993. Production seems to have stopped in 1998. According to one noted source, only around 100 McLaren F1′s were ever produced-and only 65 were designed for road use, making it not only the fastest sports car ever, but one of the most rare, as well. It is considered among the most exotic of all exotic sports cars. Read the rest of this entry »

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McLaren MP4-12C Review – A Race Car on Your Way

Claiming that their goal was as simple as to win, Ron Dennis from McLaren Automotive launched the new MP4-12C. With the track record McLaren holds, nobody seems even close to being dare doubting this claim by Ron Dennis. At its launching, the honor belonged to both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button to unleash the car from its cover. This car comes with a mid engine and carbon fiber chassis. It is a surefire that there is not any other car manufacturer on Earth could do the same.

To this McLaren manufacturer, based on Britain, this is a moment of great pride. And, to prove it, Dennis tried to seduce those who came to the launching by showing the audiences 2 videos with 2 of the world’s F1 champions mentioned earlier. The videos showed that both Lewis and Jenson took part in the McLaren MP4-12C research team, successfully handling Goodwood circuit by means of a pair of MP4-12C prototypes painted in solid black.

Another proof that this car is superior is the positive comments it receives from both Lewis and Jenson. The whole world knows that both these global F1 champions are not the kind of people who get satisfied quite easily. However, they both admire the performance shown by this particular car, the turning grip and also the comfort level the car is able to offer.

All those things above have been possible thanks to the fact that this McLaren MP4-12C has been designed following the guidelines that are known only to the F1 teams. As a matter of fact, what is even better is that Gordon Murray – both the legend and father of the McLaren F1 – admires this amazing car. He mentioned that there were plenty supercars around us, but none of them could have a chassis as sophisticated and advanced as the one that is owned by this car. He also added that this is the main selling point of the McLaren MP4-12C and this shows the tight relationship the car has to the world of F1.

Carbon fiber chassis built with less than half a millimeter in terms of tolerance along with a twin turbo V8 engine with a capacity of 3,800 cc, this McLaren MP4-12C is able to accelerate from a standstill up to 200 km/h in less than 10 seconds. Yet, even though McLaren has yet to announce the detailed specification for this amazing car, the manufacture claims that the car will come to a standstill from the speed of 160 km/h in a distance not more than 30 meters.

The car’s wild performance comes from the light weight it has obtained thanks to the carbon fiber chassis it counts on. This carbon fiber chassis has reduced the weight of the car considerably that the weight does not even reach 1,300 kilograms. With that being said, this particular car is even lighter compared to Mercedes SLS and Ferrari 458, 2 of McLaren MP4-12C’s rivals which weigh 1,620 and 1,485 kilograms respectively. Read the rest of this entry »

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