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Mercedes Benz G Class – The Next Generation Car

You can find exceptions; however, there are many super cars on the road that attracts us when we are in the road. The best example of such car, within the range of many brand new cars category is Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and Mercedes-Benz G-Class shows promise.

This brand new car from Mercedes-Benz family is the brainchild of car for next generation car, which’s developed it and is now they going to place it on the market. What exactly makes Mercedes-Benz G-Class distinctive from/better than the competition? Precisely why are its sales going up? Well, generally speaking it will be one of the best road leaders in the world.

To be more specific, some major features that differentiate Mercedes-Benz G-Class from its competitors, distinct attributes that purchasers will cite as being exceptional.  The 2011 G-Class is often a four doorway, your five -passenger high-class sports activity – utility, accessible in two trims and the G550 and also the G55 AMG.

Outstanding away-road features, solid reliable, hefty-duty design, a strong, military services-motivated look, large numbers of regular safety and comfort capabilities, entire body spin and sub-par coping with on road.

So those may be the good things as regards to Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Now what are bad things, the flaws?

The largest disadvantage that people may encounter, these are Costlier than similar autos rolling around in its type and inadequate fuel usage for that class.

However the price ranges between $105,750-$124,450.

Altogether, seems to be acquiring and maintaining popularity as a cost-efficient way to help people who buy it. For anybody with needs in that area it would likely be very luxurious. It’s certainly worthwhile to take a closer look into it, perhaps even try it out.

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The History of Mercedes Benz

Mercedes is known throughout the world as a symbol of wealth and class. Mercedes Benz cars are well known for its quality and durability. Did you know that all Mercedes cars are personally signed off to maintain its quality by top engineers in the automotive industry? The history of Mercedes Benz goes back almost 150 years ago back to when Gottlieb Daimler got together with Karl Benz to form this brand that we all know today.

More than a hundred years ago, the birth of two men set the history of Mercedes Benz. Gottlieb Daimler was born in Germany. A decade later, Karl Benz was born also in Germany. Interesting enough, there were 60 miles apart but they both shared a common interest. At a very young age, both were already exposed to machines but both had different approaches to building cars which no one believed at that time they will merge.

In the year 1886, Karl Benz made his first motorized tricycle which was soon followed by a four-wheeler in 1893. Daimler on the other hand built a horseless carriage in 1886 and two years later struck a deal with William Steinway to produce his horseless carriages in the United States. Steinway produced Mercedes cars and trucks for 3 years. This was a stepping stone for the history of Mercedes Benz.

The war in Germany, played a very important role to the birth of this prestigious car. With a downfall in economy, there were little or no fuel for cars and a high tax of 15% made automobile production disastrous and because of this, Benz sought for a strong partner considering DMG but was rejected initially. Then, the economy became worse and there were very few cars in the United States with only a third of cars produced by each Benz, Ford and DMG. Due to necessity, Benz and DMG signed an agreement of mutual interest while maintaining the individual identities. Read the rest of this entry »

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