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Cars Fit For Superman

If you ask a hand full of older auto enthusiasts what their favorite sports or muscle car is; you will most likely get a list filled with Corvettes, Camaros, and Mustangs. With the traditional combination of style and power, who would disagree with any of these classic choices?

The consumer’s addiction to performance, power, and speed has influenced auto manufacturers to continually push the limits of high end sports/muscle cars. The result; an entirely new breed of car appropriately dubbed the ‘supercar’. In 1965 the world’s first ‘supercar’ was produced named the “AC cobra 427″. From this, an entire industry has developed continually striving to produce the best performing “super” car.

Unlike most cars, supercars have a specialized array of analogous features that enable these vehicles to perform at the levels they do. Below is a list of features that have aided in the transformation of sports cars into the beasts we know today as supercars.

Light Weight Bodies
-Aluminum and other light weight materials are used to reduce the vehicles weight.

Aluminum Engines
- Aluminum reduces weight and aluminum block engines improve various oiling capabilities and the basic structure of the engine.

Engine Size
-Dramatic increases in engine size, horsepower, and torque have drastically increased acceleration and top speeds.

Turbo/Super Chargers
-Changes the density of air entering the engine creating more power. Many super cars use multiple turbos or super chargers to significantly increase power.

Aerodynamic Shape
- Creates less ‘drag’ from wind resistance resulting in a higher attainable speed.

Carbon Fiber

-Lightweight material that easily disperses heat and can be used to induct air enhancing engine cooling.

Specialized Exhaust Systems

-Enables the engines to fully maximize potential and horsepower by routing and releasing optimal amounts of exhaust.

There are also various additional features of super cars that do not necessarily increase speed, but are directly related to the components that do.

Specialized Breaking Systems

-Essential to controlling the speed and handling of a supercar.

Spoiler Systems

-Increases aerodynamic lift or creates drag.

Specialized wide wheelbase

-Better traction, speed, and handling.

Specialized Suspension

-To handle high speeds and aggressive driving capable of supercars. Read the rest of this entry »

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Saleen S7 For Sale

A Saleen S7 for sale is a rare sight. It’s just not every day one spots a supercar at the dealership or parked on the neighbor’s lawn with a “For Sale” sign. Compounding the issue is the hand-built nature of the vehicle and its limited run, which spanned six brief years from 2000 to 2006. If you have a dream of finding a Saleen S7 for sale and purchasing it, then hold on tight.

A supercar with street cred possesses that magic balance, a blend of exorbitant power, sleek and sexy aesthetics, and a genuine racing heritage. That heritage is difficult to come by, and perhaps only Lamborghini has found any real success without the requisite racing resume. That didn’t stop Steve Saleen, widely regarded as the premier Mustang tuner.

The Saleen S7 team began with Steve Saleen, who provided the concept, the focus, and the direction. Hidden Creek Industries, now Hidden Creek Partners, a private industrial management firm for truck and car suppliers, provided the resources and the initial funding. Phil Frank Design provided the design and development of the body and the interior. Finally, the RML Group, an engineering and motorsports racing team, performed the chassis engineering.

When Saleen introduced the S7 on August 19, 2000 at the Monterey Historic Races, the S7 was the first Saleen vehicle not based on an existing chassis. Comprised of steel and aluminum, the space frame design employed on the S7 weighed a mere 2750 pounds. They had comprised the body entirely of carbon fiber, and the interior combined all the mandatory racing functionality with a level of luxury found only in the world’s most exclusive vehicles.

Under the hood, it had a naturally aspirated V8 engine that purred a ferocious 550 mph, and provided acceleration from 0-60 mph in approximately 3.2 seconds. That initial S7 accelerated from 0-100 mph in approximately 8 seconds, and it could complete a standing quarter mile in less than 12 seconds with a top speed of approximately 225 mph. The run of the initial Saleen S7 lasted just four years before it had to move aside for the all-new Saleen S7 Twin Turbo.

The Twin Turbo Saleen S7 for sale was an updated version of the supercar that had been relatively successful for the previous four years. The primary change was the addition of the twin-turbochargers as reflected in the cars name. However, using twin-turbochargers wasn’t a new idea. It had actually been part of the original concept, but it never made it to the production phase due to some technical limitations.

Saleen introduced the Twin Turbo S7 at just several hairs beneath $600,000. Under the hood, the S7 engine was essentially the same except for the addition of the two Garrett turbochargers, which increased maximum output to 750 horsepower at 6300 rpm. In addition, the design team made changes to the rear spoiler and the front and rear diffusers that allowed for a 60% increase in downforce.

The following year Saleen added a competition package that increased output by 33% for a total maximum output of 1000 jaw-dropping horsepower. After test-driving this all-new, more-competition-ready S7, Car and Driver magazine referred to the supercar as the fastest production vehicle that they had ever driven. Let that sink in for a moment, and then get back to dreaming of finding a Saleen S7 for sale and actually buying it.

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