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Volvo XC60 Review

Sleek, elegant, chic and sporty are not words you might normally associate with a 4×4 – and you’d be extremely unlikely to use them all at once to describe the same 4×4. That is until the advent of Volvo’s XC60.

Since bringing the utilitarian off-roader into the family leisure market, car makers have striven to style it and tailor it to offer the broadest appeal, with varying degrees of success. Some try a 4×4/MPV cross, while others go for a more laid-back SUV image. There’s even been an attempt by a premium car maker at trying to turn its large SUV into a sleek sports coupe, with notably unsleek, nay, grotesque, results!

Unlike many SUVs, Volvo’s XC60 manages to retain, and even enhance, the svelte lines and subtle contours of its more lightweight saloon and estate brethren. In fact, if you lowered an XC60 to make it adopt a road-hugging stance, it would doubtless appear as a rather rakish sports estate. Volvo calls it “emotional” styling.

Cabin Comfort

You wouldn’t accuse the XC60′s interior of being overdone. It is fresh, modem, stylish and, above all, simple. The all-anthracite lower-half trim of our test example might seem dull and oppressive in some cars, but with little more to lift it than white contrast stitching and tastefully applied bright moldings, the Volvo manages an air of smart practicality. You’d expect nothing less from Swedish design.

The focal point is without doubt Volvo’s now well known ‘floating’ center console, in this instance having a bright metallic finish. It presents an array of logically-arranged and clearly-marked controls – the human-shaped air-distribution graphic being a particular case in point – which become almost intuitive at first glance. Above this and the CD slot resides the clear sat-nav screen, slightly inset to reduce reflections in the window glass, and located on the same plane as the instruments where a quick glance enables immediate visual clarity without refocusing.

Gauges – just the two – convey the necessary details via annular analogue dials and (that word again) ‘floating’ pointers with digital supplementary information displayed in their centers. They have a chronographic look to them, but Volvo has thankfully resisted the usually Far-Eastern car manufacturers’ trend to decorate them with too much bling and fancy illumination.

In true Volvo tradition, the seats are well-shaped, supportive and comfortable with those in the front offering a useful range of adjustment. The rear compartment boasts reasonable if not commodious legroom, and the nicely contoured seat should provide three average-sized adults with cozy but comfortable travel. The 40:20:40 split/fold seat gives a flat load floor when the one-touch release levers are operated. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tips For Choosing OEM Volvo Parts

Taking the best care of your Volvo is important to how long it runs well. A Volvo is a dependable vehicle and by choosing only originally manufactured Volvo OEM parts, your car will outlast many others out on the roads.

One reason many people have troubles with certain makes and models of cars is the use of aftermarket parts on them. Many parts will not work well in engines that those parts were not specifically designed for. Make sure this is not a problem you will have to deal with by choosing a reputable Volvo parts dealer for parts and accessories.

Locating a trustworthy Volvo dealer in your area can easily be done by going online. You might even have the option of purchasing all the parts you need at that same dealer online as well. Be sure to always have the part number for any Volvo replacement parts your seeking. This will enable a correct choice to be made.

Taking your vehicle in for regular maintenance is an important part of its high performance. Choose a mechanic that is trained and qualified to repair Volvo engines. You can also locate this garage at a dealership that sells Volvo vehicles. Risking your car to someone that is not qualified is an expensive risk.

Selecting accessories for a car should also be done through the dealer you can trust to give you parts and service worthy of the Volvo name. Be sure to add the accessories that will help to make your car more comfortable while also adding the ones that will help to protect your investment. Choose from decals, car covers, and interior accessories that will enhance the style and comfort.

The privilege of driving a Volvo is great, especially when that car is in top running condition. You can depend on a Volvo to never leave you stranded when you take good care of it with only the parts meant for it.

This article was provided by Chris Gross who works for PartsGeek, an online retailer of discount Volvo parts and accessories.

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